Ditch the pen, ditch the paper! A powerful, intuitive estimating and invoicing app developed specifically for the Apple iPad and Android tablets (optimized for Samsung Tab S and Google Nexus 9). Mobile Tech RX caters to all S.M.A.R.T. Repair industries, including PDR. Paint, interior, detail, glass and rim repair services available soon! Its user friendly interface is designed for companies of all sizes who service both retail clients and wholesale accounts. Features include hail matrix estimation, VIN scanning, Comparative Pricing and X-Ray photos, interactive customer approval, email capabilities, wireless printing, income tracking and reporting, Quickbooks exporting, and MUCH more!


You find yourself estimating a smashed hail car. It’s off the matrix but if the price was right you would be willing to do the repair. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what a bodyshop would charge to replace that roof so that you know what you’re up against? Well… if you aren’t using Mobile Tech RX then you are missing out because with their new Comparative Pricing feature that’s exactly what you will have access to! And we aren’t talking just the part price. Each panel will display a bodyshop replacement number which calculates part cost, paint time, blend time, related R&I time… everything. The replacement amounts are calculated based on your local labor rate and can be adjusted on the fly, in addition to manually editing whether or not certain panels are blended. A complicated process streamlined down to a super simple, yet priceless screen. Ever get frustrated not knowing whether the panel is HSS or not? Tired of using that magnet to test each panel on each car for Aluminum? Comparative Pricing also has this info!

And that’s not all you get. There are custom repair notes and X-Ray photo pics! If you see a photo icon for a panel then touch it to bring up a full size image showing helpful access spots and bracing locations. Next time you need to ask for double panel, glue pull, or a poor access up-charge… showing this photo to an adjuster will make both of your lives easier. 

Temporarily add other Mobile Tech RX users to your company at no cost to you. This feature gives you the flexibility to allow subcontractors to estimate and invoice on your behalf. Cut back on paperwork and accounting chores while maintaining complete control over your company!

Store and sort clients by retail or wholesale. Add multiple contacts for each client as well as the ability to store client specific pricing, labor, discount and tax rates.

Built in choice of hail matrix, you can even attach photos. Create a repair list for lots and get manager approval directly in the app. We even check duplicate VINS for you!

Assign work orders to one or multiple technicians, including subcontractors. Giving you the ability to manage a hail storm like never before!

Gather customer signatures and email or print invoices directly from your iPad or Android tablet. Invoices sync to Quickbooks Online.

Customizable access to sales totals for you, your employees and subcontractors. Spend less time doing paperwork and more time pushing dents.

There is no setup fee, no contract, and no cancellation penalty. Only work part of the year? No problem, just pay for the months you need and in the meantime we'll keep your data safe waiting for your return at no cost to you! Want to experience it before you buy? Try it free for 30 days, no credit card required. 1-888-626-6750.
U.S. Version: $65 per month, per user. (Comparative Pricing is an optional add-on for $35 per month, per user)
Euro Version: 60 GBP / 75 EURO per month, per user. 

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