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  • I received a NoFraud email after my order, what is this?

    Posted by Anthony Loera on

    Your security is one of our top concerns which is why we have partnered with NoFraud - 

    NoFraud is a third party fraud detection service that reviews all orders placed on Ultra Dent Tools ® for fraudulent activity.

    If you receive an email from alert@ultradenttools.com or alert@nofraud.com after you place your order this means your order is being held until further action is taken by you.

    Upon receiving this email you will need to follow the instructions within the email to have your order processed. NoFraud may require a simple YES/NO response, or, they may require you submit a copy of your ID or credit card.

    Once you've submitted the information to NoFraud and they've determined your order is safe to ship, your order will be processed by our warehouse. If your submission is not satisfactory or you do not respond your order will be cancelled and refunded.

    How does NoFraud identify a fraudulent transaction?
    NoFraud's multi-layered solution analyzes thousands of data points fusing machine learning with human intelligence to provide you with the most precise results. We utilize historical, behavioral and order data in real time to derive a simple actionable result: Pass or Fail.

    How long does it take for NoFraud to screen a transaction?
    NoFraud consolidates all relevant and available information about a transaction and returns a “Pass/Fail” answer in milliseconds, even for complex orders. A small percentage (less than 0.5%) of orders are held for review and scrutinized by a NoFraud analyst.

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