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  • November - So Many things to be thankful like free shipping for orders over....

    Posted by Anthony Loera on

    November - 

    With so many things to be thankful for this season we want to take a moment to say we appreciate you our customers the most . We strive to create new and intuitive tools to not only help make your PDR projects easier but to also give you peace of mind whenever you choose one of our tools that you are going to have a world class tool at your disposal. 

    Second would be our fellow Vendors for working alongside the industry to provide  the support needed for all PDR technicians. We work alongside and push each other to help shape the industry to make it easier for technicians to find the right tools for the job and to know we will always be there with new intuitive ways to tackle projects. 

    This month we are proud to offer Free shipping online for:

    Domestic orders over $100


    over $500 for International orders .


    Our normal lead time for processing orders is two to seven business days.

    Once your order has been processed you will receive a tracking email as it enters the carrier’s mail stream.


    We have also worked alongside our shipping carriers to offer the best rates this holiday season .

    We wish you and your family’s

    a happy and safe holiday season


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