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    Posted by Steve Hopf on


    Ultra Dent Tools manufactures the highest quality Paintless Dent Removal / Repair (PDR) Tools available to the industry today. The reason why Ultra Dent Tools, Inc's designs and tools are so effective is that they are Designed By Our Professional PDR Technicians and Used By PDR Technicians Worldwide.


    Ultra Dent Tools, Inc.'s high-carbon stainless-steel tools are specially designed, precision machined and hardened for lasting strength and durability in practical use. Our PDR tools feature a patented (Patent Number USD443192S) finger-grip design that is the most ergonomic on the market. We also proudly offer our new design, the Adjustable Interchangeable Handle. Our patented lighting system (Patent Number US6854862B1) is coveted as the most professional lighting system available today for the PDR industry. All of our professional-grade tools offer unprecedented versatility in real world work applications.


    Ultra Dent Tools, Inc.'s tools have incredible strength and durability and are backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Choose from our standard set selections or design your own "custom" set. If you are just getting started or need some advanced methods and techniques then check out our Ultra Dent Tools "Glue Puller", "Body Shop" and "PDR Training" videos or DVDs in the accessories section of our tools listing.

    Currently over eight hundred different Ultra Dent ToolsPDR Tools and Accessories are kept in stock and ready for shipping. We ship Worldwide with Rush Delivery available.


    We also custom-build tools to your precise specifications. Custom tool pricing and shipping timeframe is based upon the individual custom order. We can make any custom tool to your specs. All you have to do is draw a side view on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper along with the following: Tool Diameter, overall width from tip to the end of the handle, type and direction of handle, notate if you want it heat treated or bendable. Then fax or email it to us. There is a $10 - $20 extra charge for custom tools, the lead time is 1-2 weeks, sometimes 3 depending on request. Email requests to sales@ultradenttools.com.



    Ultra Dent Tools, Inc. Products are all completely made in the USA, other than a few electrical resale items. We pride ourselves on the best quality and service in the PDR industry. Yes our products are more expensive than most, but consequently, you get what you pay for.


    Don't be fooled by imitations. There is a company selling on eBay what appears to be Ultra Dent Tools. This company has virtually identically copied a large portion of our product line as well as photos and description. The tell tale is the Aluminum Knurled Handle with an octagon attached in the center. These are cheap imitations. Remember only trust genuine Ultra Dent Tool Products. All Ultra Dent Tools Distributors will display the Genuine Ultra Dent Tools Logo. We have been in business 15 years not 12 months. When you buy genuine Ultra Dent Tools products you get the best warranty in the business. You can depend on Ultra Dent Tools to be there for you years from now if you have an issue with one of our products.


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