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  • 410-6005:  Wurth-Style Aluminum Mini Dent Lifter Glue Pulling
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    410-6005 : Wurth-Style Aluminum Mini Dent Lifter

    • $99.95

    Mini Lifter

    The Mini Lifter is especially suitable for repairing small, soft dents on various materials.

    - Small, light and very handy, easy to use tool
    - The contact feet can be set precisely on the dent so the edge of the dent is not pulled up
    - The special swiveling contact feet adapt to any contour for optimal support and gentle treatment of surface finish
    - Reverse deformation can be verified by the scale on the tool, ensuring controlled reverse deformation of the dent
    - Advanced adapters with ball shape and improved bonding surface, assuring best possible work results when repairing small dents



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