410-C2074-300 : Keco Centipede 300 mm Adapter
410-C2074-300:  Keco Centipede 300 Mm Adapter
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410-C2074-300 : Keco Centipede 300 mm Adapter

  • $60.00

The 300 mm Centipede Adapter provides the length and strength to pull two Centipede body tabs at once. Compatible with the K-Beam, K-Bar, or KECO Slide Hammer Adapter, the adapter pulls KECO Centipede glue tabs and other similar tabs in the PDR market.
  • Innovative design - makes K-Bar and K-Beam compatible with all KECO tabs and other tabs in the PDR market; also compatible with slide hammer when using KECO Slide Hammer Adapter
  • Aluminum material - insures strength when pulling tough dents



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