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  • Amed-Ma:  3/4 Elim A Dent Medusa Adapter -Makita Battery Lighting & Electrical
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    Amed-Ma:  3/4 Elim A Dent Medusa Adapter -Makita Battery Lighting & Electrical Amed-Ma:  3/4 Elim A Dent Medusa Adapter -Makita Battery Lighting & Electrical

    AMED-MA : 3/4 ELIM A DENT MEDUSA ADAPTER -Makita Battery

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    Elim A Dent Medusa Adapter for Makita Battery
    Wanting to make your existing hail lights wider or angle them for cross checking? This adapter will allow you to add our mini lights to your existing large lights where you can stack them, angle them, pull them in closer or push them further away so you can push more and move less.  
    This adapter works with Elim A Dent's Makita Powered mini light.  We sale this adapter in 3/4 and 7/8 boom pole size.
    Most hail stands have a boom pole of 3/4 diameter but verify before ordering.
    Ultra Dent Tool Stands are 3/4 Diameter.  
    This adapter comes with the battery base to allow you to slide the light on one side and your battery on the other. You can also bypass the battery with a 12v input so you can run them off your large hail light battery as well. A small 12v 4 foot cable is included with the adapter.
    Make sure the tightening knob is loose, then slide onto the boom pole.  You can slide on different directions to change the side and angle in which the mini light will come off the adapter. After finding desired location tighten the knob securely so adapter will not move from posting. Insert light onto proper side making sure it locks into location.  Then repeat process for battery or 12v input. 
     It is recommended when using 12v power source to remove battery pack.
    We will be releasing longer 12v cables and a daisy chain cable so you can run one power cable from 12v power source and then tie multiple adapters together. This way you only have 1 power cable running from battery to multiple light on your stand. 
    This adapter is great for the traveling tech who doesn't want to carry large hail lights.  You can purchase 2 20" lights and with our adapters connect them to your stand for a 40 inch light with multiple positioning options. Want to pull the light off so you can have your light in hands reach for quick position, simply press the lock button to release light and use the suction cup to stick to desired panel.
    Makita®, LXT®, AVT® and the Makita logo, Teal color and Black & White color combination are the registered trademarks of Makita which is not affiliated with Elim A Dent LLC.



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