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    Ultra Dent Tools was founded in 1998 in Riverside, CA. by Steve Hopf. Steve formerly owned California Customizing, a body shop well known for high quality custom paint & body work. With extensive background in the body shop business, he saw the need for Paintless Dent Repair tools in the industry. He started his own shop and since then has created the most innovative PDR tools and tool systems available. We now sell our products worldwide and offer the best quality and selection hands down.



    We are the premier manufacturing and distributing company in the world for Paintless Dent Repair tools & accessories. We offer the widest product line available. Our tools have a unique patented handle design that sets our tools apart from all other Paintless Dent Repair tools. Our PDR tools are all stainless-steel and carry a lifetime warranty. Here at Ultra Dent Tools we constantly strive to create cutting edge PDR products. Due to our constant improvement of our product line designs, our customers get the best PDR products in the world. Our manufactured tool prices are usually higher than our competitors, that is true. But, just like the top-quality professional PDR technician, the price of top-quality tools is more than justified. You can’t find a higher-quality commercially manufactured and produced line of Paintless Dent Repair tools produced anywhere else in the world.



    We offer the highest quality product line of Paintless Dent Removal tools and accessories. Our stainless-steel tools are precision machined then heat treated (hardened) to our specification to provide the strongest, most durable tools available. The tool tips are machined to smoother, more consistent ends to avoid cracks and breaks in the paint. Our special designed and patented handles are then welded to the tools. These handles are costlier to produce than simple open loop bends. They render the most strength and leverage with best level of comfort control on the market. These tools are highly polished then dipped in a durable baked rubber coating, which is available in several colors.





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