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    What’s the pdr training curriculum like?

    We start with the basics by covering tool usages and theories. Moving into basic ding removal, glue pulling, heat usage and eventually big dent removals. Grasping these lessons take time to learn and develop. Dent Time believes giving the student 4 weeks not only develops good habits but increases your learning curve dramatically. Here is our curriculum so now you have something to compare when deciding what school to attend. Although it is possible to show these techniques in a week or so but unfortunately there is not enough time for a student to absorb what was taught.

    What’s the difference between the 2, 3 and 4 weeks training curriculum?

    In short, the longer you go, the better you develop. One day makes a big difference. Having more than two weeks allows you to develop a better foundation and habits.



    Train With Myke Toldeo at Dent Trainer in Southern California!

    If you are a complete newbie wanting to learn from scratch or a seasoned PDR tech who wants to sharpen your finishing skills, Myke's personal PDR training is a great option.
    • You won't just learn how to fix dents but know how to market your PDR company. Learn a proven technique about the the latest social media and online ways to promote you and your company..

    • Myke Toledo will teach you the foundation and framework that builds your skills to become a clean PDR technician.

    • If you are an advanced paintless dent repair technician and want to improve your skills or business marketing, you will be sure to get what you pay for and more!

    • You'll train on REAL CARS and Real Dents. Myke trains you on real world dents that customers want fixed.. and you will be challenged but have fun. Request More Info






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